Dry shampoo always!

Loving my new Nexxus dry shampoo given to me free from influenster! If you haven’t already checked out this site do yourself a favor and do it now! I received this product for free but am completely in love with it! It leaves my hair feeling clean, non oily and not heavy at all. There is little to no build up and it smells amazing also! Definitely one of my new faves!

Easiest ways to free stuff!

As any young adult will tell you saving money is ESSENTIAL! I have found so many great ways to save money while receiving free stuff at the same time. ” I hate getting free stuff”….said no one ever! These sites are super easy to use and really don’t take much time at all. Most of the time I log on while watching tv and it makes it go by faster. I have received many different items within the past year of signing up and have also made more than $100 in giftcards and pay pal credits!! Check out the links and descriptions to see which site is right for you. If you use my link provided and sign up with your facebook most sites will give you a bonus just from signing up. Easy right? Today’s post covers “Influenster” so make sure to be on the lookout for future posts with different sites! 

1. Influenster

click here to sign up for influenster! don’t forget to sign up via facebook!

Influenster is my favorite site by far! This site rewards you for having a strong social media influence. They will periodically send you  a “VoxBox” filled with full sized samples from different brands of products. There are many different categories of items in which you can receive. When you sign up with your facebook account (using my referral link provided) your faceboook wIMG_1963ill automatically be connected and you will have a score listed on your dashboard. The more social media accounts you connect the higher your score and the more followers you have the higher the score rises. Those with higher scores receive more boxes. Make sense?

Once you have signed up and linked all social media accounts, you can begin writing reviews and answering questions in order to unlock expert badges. Find products that you have tried and write reviews to gain 5 experience points and answer questions about products to earn 3 points. When you hit 100 points the badge unlocks and you can move on to unlocking another badge. The more badges you unlock the better chance you have of being selected for a VoxBox. If selected for a VoxBox, you will have a few tasks to complete on your social media to promote your product such as posting pictures, sharing a status or creating a video blog.

For example, this month I have received a Marc Jacobs Glowstick IMG_1965highlighter(retails for $50) and ZzzQuil nighttime sleep aid. As you can tell these are awesome products to receive totally free. I would definitely recommend both of these products by the way! The ZzzQuil put me right to sleep and I didn’t wake up feeling groggy or tired. These will be a necessity on my upcoming trip to Peru. The Marc Jacobs Glowstick is beyond amazing and looks beautiful on all skin tones. I let many family members try it and it looked perfect and each and every one! I finished my tasks in no time and now I am able to enjoy my free products. Nothing too hard but totally worth it for the cool FULL SIZED products you receive. It’s by far the best way I have found to try out the latest products for free. Once you start, you’ll totally be addicted so just make sure to stay active in order to receive more boxes. Good luck!

Getting lost is half the fun

When you’re in your 20’s people are so quick to judge you. Every decision youIMG_2921 make, or don’t make, is analyzed by each person and you’re given anopinion of what they think YOU should be doing with YOUR life. Weird right? That’s not how it should be. Being in your 20’s is supposed to be a fun and exciting time where you take adventures and learn about yourself and life so why are we looked down upon when we try and do just that? Who decided that is how it’s supposed to be?
I think that we as a society, as a parent, as anyone; should be a little more understanding before choosing to judge others for not having the perfect life by the time they’re 23. Even writing the number 23 scares me because with each passing year I’m falling into that mentality. So this is where it gets hard. The part of your 20’s when you keep getting older and you don’t have a career yet, or a house, or a family of your own and you’re wondering why everyone’s liIMG_5810.JPGfe seems to be starting and you feel stuck along the road that they are traveling on. This post is for you.

Although not everyone may be telling you this I will. It’s okay to not have it all figured out. You’re going to feel stuck like you’re caught in this “limbo” phase of your life but don’t worry you’re not alone. There’s a quote I love that says, “Some paths can’t be discovered without getting lost”. This is it. This is what perfectly describes being in your 20’s. It’s not about getting the perfect job or the perfect family, it’s about your journey there that makes it all worth it in the end. You can have the perfect life but if you haven’t experienced the world around you what’s the point? I am 23 years old. I graduated from college early with honors and I haven’t been accepted into dental school yet. Am I sad about it? Yes. Am I giving up? Hell no, because I know one day I will be achieve my goal and I will be able to help people the way I’ve always dreamed about.


I have traveled to 13 countries in six years and will be going to number 14 at the end of August to make the journey to Machu Picchu. I hIMG_2405ave volunteered numerous hours in my c
ommunity and have influenced many lives along the way. I have hundreds of stories to tell and I have a boyfriend who loves me. I have the greatest family on the planet who supports me and helps me along the path of this not-so-easy thing called life. I am 23 and it seems to others that my life hasn’t started yet but what they don’t know is that it’s just beginning. So take that trip you’ve been scared to go on! Apply for the job you thought you would never get! Find something that makes you happy and do it! We only get one life to live, don’t waste it on doing what you think you should do instead of what you love to do.


Don’t forget to always live life beautifully!

xoxo, kristen

Party time turnipp

Parties are the essential foundation for entertainment in a Hispanic family. Whether it’s a birthday party or a backyard get together it’s the best time for everyone to catch up and just have fun. We constantly have a need to be close to each other and stay connected to what’s happening in everyone’s lives it’s in our DNA Lolz! So there’s levels of parties because let’s be real we live by the “go big or go home” quote when it comes to this. Don’t believe me? Let’s put this into perspective.

You know you’re Hispanic if…

Every event in your life was 100% over the top starting from your first moments of life. This continues for every major event thereafter including your graduation. My graduation party was HUGE and I’m really not exaggerating. It was literally my grandma’s attempt of giving me the quince that I never had. So naturally, with my brother graduating this year we were on the fiesta train once again. After three months of planning the day had finally come and we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Since my brother and my cousin graduated from the same high school and my other cousin graduated from college they thought, “hmm let’s make this easier by having one party for the family”, yea the word easier probably wasn’t optimal lol. Three families with three different schedules and sets of ideas was definitely an interesting mix for this party. Decorations covered our dining room table for months leading up to the party with various family members cycling in and out helping with different tasks. Yea parties are super fun the night of but planning them is a nightmare. Making decisions on invitations, trying to get information from everyone, who likes what colors and who doesn’t, who’s helping this day and who isn’t; it’s completely chaos! But luckily in the end it was worth it. The night was full of family,friends and a lotttttt of dancing! 

So my advice? Don’t have parties….just kidding! 

  1. Start early and have a plan. The more you wait, the more you stress and we all know that’s the worst. 
  2. Pick a theme and stick to it! No one wants to be confused when looking at decor around the room. 
  3. Get a lot of help the day of. You’re going to need a football team and a few hours.
  4. Don’t worry! Just have a fun time and remember every moment.

Don’t forget to always live life beautifully!


Hectic life times a million

Sorry I’ve been gone!

The past week has seriously been a blur. We’ve gone from happy times to sad ones in the span of like three days and it’s flipping our lives every way imaginable. On Saturday we had my brother’s high school graduation party and it was a blast (I’ll get more in detail with that later) but things took a turn for the worse the next few days. Prior to the party my great grandma had been hospitalized so we were already a bit on edge. Grandma is well into her 90’s so hearing she was sick was the last thing on earth we all wanted to hear. We all decided to meet at grandma’s house on Sunday afternoon to visit with her and see how she was doing. Quickly after arriving we realized it was much worse than we thought…
Family is everything 

We are a typical giant Hispanic family so naturally everyone and their mommas(literally) were there. We could tell that she wasn’t feeling well at all so in attempts to brighten the mood we decided to bring mariachis to play for her. So like I said before the family is already huge and fills every nook and cranny of grandma’s house so there obviously wasn’t much room inside for 9 extra people. We decided to have the mariachis play outside of grandma’s window to serenade her like my great grandpa used to do for her many years ago. The smile on her face was indescribable as she reminenced of the amazing life she had with him while being surrounded by generations of the products of that great love. We laughed and cried and even live streamed the afternoon via Facebook for the family and friends who couldn’t be there with us. We watched as everyone near and far tuned in with comments and stories and prayers for a woman who had touched so many lives. My aunt Cindy posted a photo and I had to scroll for five minutes just to see the numerous well wishes that were commented. It wasn’t until then did I finally realize that not only did we adore and idolize grandma but every other person that met her did too. She did so much for so many people without ever expecting anything back. She loved with no limits and made sure each of us always felt special and loved each time we saw her. My grandma has suffered from Alzheimer’s for years. A horrible terrible disease that preys(oops autocorrect got me on the first post) on the most undeserving but she never let that get her down. She might not always remember your name but she always made you feel so good inside that you never even noticed. She is the type of person who loves  wearing silly hats and cutting coupons unevenly and surprising us with witty comments for days. She’s a person who never deserved this disease but she lived the greatest life we could ever hope for. She found the love of her life and created the most amazing, caring and loving family. We all have a little piece of her in us in our own way. We learned the importance of education, hard work, service and respect from the little things she taught us along the way.

So how do you say goodbye?

This is the question we’re all struggling with right now. How do you say goodbye to someone so special? How can you make it hurt less? How will we survive after this? It’s so hard not to be selfish in this and just want to keep her forever but we know that everything will work itself out somehow. We just have to let go and trust in that, though that’s ones of the hardest concepts to trust in. The past few days we’ve all practically been living there and the house is always full of love, food and noise. The house of a family that loves and cares about each other. Am I sad? Yes, beyond belief. Sad that my grandma won’t be able to see us grow up, get married and have children because I know they would love her just as much as we have loved her. I just pray the younger generation remembers how special their GiGi was and can always tell people about the things she did for her community and family. I’ll try and post as much as I can. Until then here’s some happy pictures!

Don’t forget to always live life beautifully,

xoxo, kristen 

Brush lettering classes are bae

Errrrmerrgerrdddd brush lettering is so crazy addictive. I know, I know, I def already explained that in the last post buttttt I just want to throw it back to where it all started….like last month ha! So one day I was aimlessly scrolling up and down my facebook (because is there really anything else to do on fb?) and I saw this random ad promoting a brush lettering class in Houston. Usually I would ignore these, because it seriously creeps me out how my computer knows what I like, but this day was different so I took a chance and clicked the link. It took me to a site named IMG_0780Mint and Maple that offered workshops for normal people like me. Obvi I was super excited and all ready to sign up until I saw the price. $130!?!?! I was like ummmm….nahhhh maybe another time because as you know us 20 something year olds aren’t exactly swimming in the dough right now. I closed the screen and went about my day but for some reason all week I couldn’t stop thinking about this class. I decided to work an extra couple of days at work and signed up for the class. The day of I was super nervous and the whole way there I kept thinking “omg what if i’m terrible?! what if everyone else is good and I look like a four year old with a crayon”. Not to mention social interaction with real people hasn’t really been at the top of my list lately and my daily routine involved time at work and time at home, no in between. The second I arrived all that anxiety went out the window and I had the best two hours I had had in months. I was totally in my element and even though I wasn’t amazing at first it was ok. I’m usually a control freak and need everything to be perfect so it was very hard for me not to beat myself up for not being amazing on the first try. The instructor, Natalie, made it so much easier to just let go and try to go a little out of our comfort zone. We not only had a two hour instruction with Natalie we also got encouragement along the way. I know the price tag may seem like a lot but I have told everyone I know that is was 110% worth every penny! From the materials to the environment of the night I felt happy and super excited for once. I have practiced every day since that lesson and gained the courage to finally open up my own Etsy site filled with the creations I have become very proud of.

IMG_0770.jpg         So why am I telling you this long rambling story about the time Kristen went to an art class? I’m telling you so that YOU can find the courage to go out and try something new! Do something you never thought you would and do it alone. I hate doing things or going places alone but I overcame that fear and benefitted from it greatly. It’s okay to have some “me time” every once in a while and you need to do things to make you happy and make you smile. Whether it be cooking or painting or fitness just go take a chance what do you have to lose? Don’t be one of those people who looks back one day and realizes you never did anything that challenged you. You can do it just trust yourself and jump in.

Don’t forget to always live life beautifully!

xoxo, kristen

View More: http://abbihearne.pass.us/mint-maple-hou

(photo cred: mint and maple designs. I’m pictured lower right)

Check ya girl out on Etsy!

“Hi, my name is Kristen and I’m addicted to brush lettering.” This would definitely be the title of the newest chapter if my life was a book. When I say addiction I mean it. Like the, I can sit for hours and look up and it’s night, obsessed. It’s strange how weirdly comforting it is for me to be surrounded by messy paints and pens but it’s the time I’m happiest. There’s always the haterzzzz who try and criticize what I create or discredit my abilities but I don’t do it to please them I do it because I love doing it…DUH. When you love to do something you could seriously care less what anyone has to say about it (though I am pretty tough on myself let’s be real). So when I have a bad day or just feel inspired you can find me somewhere with paint all over my hands.image
I have always been pretty creative with a natural artistic ability. I used to be that weird kid who wanted to have a painting party every year for my birthday until my mom finally had enough. Growing up I would find new hobbies like drawing, sewing, painting really just anything I could get lost in. In college I started a small business for my sorority sisters and family who kept asking me to make various crafts for them. I started small with canvases and simple crafts then gradually moved up to large ice chests for formal invites. Word quickly spread amongst the girls in my sorority and on greek circle and the requests came rollinnnnn in! It was the best way for me to relieve all the stress from school while making a little spending money on the side. After graduation I kinda fell in this limbo phase of my life and forgot what really made me happy. Luckily I have decided to pick it back up and see where it goes from here! So I am please to announce that I’m officially on Etsy! I’ve literally put this off for yearssss but now I have taken the plunge and there’s no going back now. Hopefully everyone will at least take a peek and see the fun new additions to my shop. I will be posting fun giveaways and coupon codes within the month for my social media followers so make sure to follow my accounts for the newest updates!!

Don’t forget to always live life beautifully!

xoxo, kristen

click here for AnchorsAwayArtwork Etsy Shop

Oh hey y’all! 

I’m starting to feel like starting a blog is a thing everyone does now and as much as I hate being a follower here I find myself. My name is Kristen and for the past 23 years I’ve been trying to figure out this little thing called life. Don’t get me wrong it’s been going pretty smoothly compared to the alternative but at times it seems like nothing’s going right. So I guess this is my attempt to share my passions, my awkward moments, my frustrations, my triumphs and everything in between. It’s a peek into the crazy inner workings of my not-so-normal life and a way to show you that it’s kinda okay to be weird and fun and just be you. There’s been too many people throughout my life who have put me down or called me names. People who have judged me before knowing me and who have made me doubt myself. Friends who weren’t really friends and mean girls who had nothing better to do with their time other than making others feel small. This is for all those people, every single one who at one point or another tried to make me feel like I wasn’t special. This is to show the world that I’m just fine being me and doing what I love most. So that people who read this, if any, can appreciate the awesome person they are. Do what you love! Do what makes you happy and do what makes you YOU! This is only beginning of my new adventure so saddle up and see how cray cray the life of one Texas girl can get!

Don’t forget to always live life beautifully!

xoxo, kristen